Since the UK entered lockdown in 2020, our Helpline team has responded to thousands of calls for emergency assistance activated from our customers’ personal alarms. This resulted in over 1000 emergency home visits made by our Response Teams to help those who had fallen.

Helpline’s users are not exclusively older people. Some have a physical disability or suffer from a chronic condition such as epilepsy or arthritis or are recovering from illness. Other customers are simply concerned for their personal safety and security, if they are perhaps prone to falls or have a condition such as dementia.

Helpline provides support and peace of mind, giving people the confidence to go about their daily lives, safe in the knowledge that they always have somebody to help them in an emergency at any time of the day or night. At this challenging time, we’re pleased to offer anyone who has growing concerns about their own or a family member’s health the opportunity to try Helpline for free. Once a personal alarm is activated, as soon as the team pick up, they start assessing your situation and help is immediately sent for. That could be a relative, your GP, an ambulance, or if you have fallen, our own dedicated Response Team – the only one of its kind in Essex.

To book a no obligation demonstration, call our friendly team on 01206 769799 or contact us here.