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How does it work?

Helpline uses a telephone line to dial the Monitoring Centre when the Help button is pressed. When connected to the operator, conversations can be held from wherever customers are in the home. This enables them to request help in an emergency or reassurance when needed.

Does the system work two ways i.e. can Helpline dial into the system?

No, the Helpline unit can only be activated from the customer’s home to contact the Monitoring Centre.

What distance does the unit cover?

The unit covers a range of approximately 90 feet.

How much does the service cost?

£26.37 per month for the Helpline Monitoring and Response Service or,
£16.81 per month for the Helpline Monitoring Only service

Can other equipment such as smoke alarms be attached to the system?

Yes. There is a range of products that link to the Helpline system such as smoke alarms, CO detectors and falls detectors.

What happens in a power cut?

The Helpline unit has a battery backup so service will not be affected in the event of a power cut. If there is no power, a silent signal is sent to the Monitoring Centre every two hours to alert staff there may be a problem with the electricity supply.

What happens if there isn’t a phone line?

The Monitoring Centre should be made aware of any issues surrounding customers’ phone lines as the Helpline will not work without an operational line. Customers are welcome to use other means of contacting the centre, for example a mobile phone in cases of emergency.

What happens when I go on holiday?

The Monitoring Centre should be made aware if customers are away from the property for any length of time and the Helpline button should be pressed on return to the property to ensure it is working correctly.

Monitoring & Response

£26.37 /mo

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Monitoring Service

£16.81 /mo

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